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This rubric serves as a standard template to reference while reviewing a newly built Search experience before integrating with your site. You can also use this to QA a live site if you make any major changes, such as adding new content or verticals or changing the styling and behavior of your site.

We recommend having someone other than the Admin (or person who built the site) review the site so you can have a fresh pair of eyes for feedback. Send them the staging link for your Search experience to QA using this guide.

If you have any questions or feedback about QA’ing Search experiences, please post them in the Community.

Review Areas

This guide is meant to supplement what you learned in the Search QA Your Experience module. Be sure to check out this module to review the four types of QA you’ll need to complete prior to launch and guidelines for each. We assume the Admin who built the experience has already done all four types of QA before sending to a reviewer:

  • Browser Testing QA
  • Search Quality QA
  • User Interface (UI) QA
  • Analytics QA

This guide goes into more detail about specific items to check for search quality QA and user interface (UI) QA, which can be more nuanced and open to feedback, and briefly touches on browser testing QA for mobile. Since browser testing QA and analytics QA are both more objective, the Admin just needs to make sure they check the box that these work and additional feedback is not necessary. However, the reviewer may feel free to double check these as well.

The four areas this rubric covers are:

  • Overall Formatting/Styling
  • Result Card Content and Behavior
  • Search Quality
  • Backend Configuration

The first two tie in to UI QA, while the latter two tie in to search quality QA. Feel free to move through this guide sequentially or jump around out of order. Since you’ll need to click through each vertical for the first three areas, one approach is to run searches on one vertical and complete the first three areas of review before moving on to the next vertical. Then review backend configuration separately. Another approach is to move through the QA areas one at a time.

One area not covered by this rubric are new features. We release new features to Hitchhikers and Yext users almost every month. Check out our Release Notes to see if you can incorporate any new features to boost your Search experience.

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