Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Using the Yext Functions framework, developers can now execute arbitrary TypeScript functions within Query Rules training unit in order to power brand new use cases in Search. By integrating external APIs, we can return real time data in search. Ever-changing data like reservations, flights, account balances, stock prices, product inventory, package tracking updates, or service outages are not static data points that you would typically store in your Knowledge Graph, so it’s crucial that we can fetch them from these external data sources.

With Serverless Functions in Query Rules, a developer could configure an experience where users can ask questions like below and expect realtime, accurate answers.

  • “What’s your company’s stock price?”
  • “Is the blue soccer ball in stock in Soho?”
  • “Where is my package?”
  • “Is there an outage in my neighborhood?”

More information on how to use custom Typescript functions in the Yext platform can be found in the Getting Started with Yext Functions guide.

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If you want to see some examples, check out this repository .