Step 4: Querying All Data from the Analytics API

Users can query for all of the data available within the Yext platform, regardless of whether it’s beyond the Completed Date, via the Analytics API!

This does not mean that data for all metrics will necessarily be available in real time. Analytics data available in Yext is subject to any data latency that our partners may have, e.g., data from Bing is typically delayed by two or more weeks.

To use this feature, make a request to the existing Analytics endpoints with a V parameter set to 20210515 or higher.

While you’re now able to query incomplete data via the Analytics API it is still our recommendation that when querying for data you limit yourself to data before the Completed Date i.e. Complete Data.

This is because data beyond the Completed Date is constantly changing as we continue to collect more of it and validate its accuracy.

To limit your queries to just viewing complete data you can use the Analytics Catalog endpoint to find the correct Completed Date for the metric you’re interested in.

You can read more about querying for Complete Data in the Analytics API Catalog guide.