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  • An overview of the Search Tracker
  • An overview of what can be tracked about your competitors

Competitive Intelligence Overview

Yext’s Competitive Intelligence helps you understand how your brand compares with your local competition — whether those be single location small businesses or large national chains — so that you can make informed business decisions and analyze ongoing campaigns.

Search Tracker

Search Tracker allows you to measure and understand how your entities are performing for both branded and unbranded searches. This includes things like the number of times your business appears in SERP and where your business appears in SERP (organic results, local pack, and knowledge panel).

All of this ultimately provides insight into how much of the Search Engines Results Page (SERP) you control, helping you gauge how likely a customer is to choose your business in search.

Think about it, if your brand falls at the bottom of the search results page, how likely is it that a consumer will both find you, and then choose your business?

Competitive Intelligence

The second piece is Competitive intelligence. Competitive Intelligence is a unique solution that not only helps you understand your presence in search, but also how your entities are rated versus your local competition, giving you a comprehensive look at how customers find and engage with your business.

Compare your average star rating to that of your competitors to understand how you out rate the competition, and where you fall short so that you can make informed improvements to your entities.

Understand how you and your competition show up in search results for the keywords you care about, so you can understand how likely a consumer is to choose each business.

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