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  • An understanding of the Search Tracker metrics

Search Tracker Overview Screen

First, navigate to Analytics > Search Tracker and refer to the Share of Intelligent Search breakdown.

Share of Intelligent Search

Share of Intelligent Search is an estimate of the percentage of times a customer will choose your business after running a search. In order to calculate Share of Intelligent Search, we find every place your location shows up in the SERP and then weight each of these results by how likely a user is to choose that result. For example, appearing in position 2 in the local pack is much more valuable than appearing in position 6 in the organic SERP. Our Share of Intelligent Search metric takes into account the organic results, the local pack, and the knowledge card and distills it into one simple percentage.

In addition to being a true measure of your control, Share of Intelligent Search is the best way to understand how your location’s appearance in search changes over time, between keywords, or against competitors. The higher your Share of Intelligent Search, the more likely a customer is to choose your business when viewing a SERP.

Then, you can see the percentage breakdown of that by Listings, Local Pack and Knowledge Card, Location Pages, and Corporate Website.

share of IS

Local Competitors

View by keyword how competitors rank against you in terms of the number of local pack matches.

Your Share of Intelligent Search by Keyword

Understand your Share of Intelligent Search, both in aggregate as well as broken down by specific keyword.

share of IS by keyword

Competitors Share of Intelligent Search

Directly compare your Share of Intelligent Search to that of your competitors as a whole, and broken down by keyword.

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