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You spoke with Turtlehead Tacos today and they’re about to run a TV ad all about the “Turtleheads” - the Turtlehead Tacos loyalists. While it sounds outlandish, the Turtleheads often refer to the restaurants as their “Turtle Nest” or just “the Nest”. While you are trying to withhold any judgement, you want to make sure that if someone searches for a “nest near me” they find a restaurant. You’ll use synonyms to do this.

You also realize (now that you’re an expert on synonyms!) that the one-way synonym from location –> restaurant you created earlier should really be a synonym set as the words are interchangeable. You also want to add some other common synonyms for how people refer to restaurants.

Your Challenge

  1. Navigate to Search > answers > Home. Try out the following queries in your Test Search:

    • Run a search for “nest”. Note how nothing is returned.
    • Run a search for “food joint”. Note how nothing is returned.
  2. Add a one-way synonym from “nest” → “restaurant”.

  3. Click save.

  4. Rerun your query in the right panel Test Search for “nest”. Now you should see results in the Restaurants vertical!

  5. Turn your one-way synonym you created in the Configuration Overview module into a synonym set and remove the one way synonym for location –> restaurant. Your synonym set should include:

    • location
    • restaurant
    • food joint
    • taco shop
    • eatery

    You’ll leave “nest” as a one-way synonym since you don’t want nest and restaurant to be used interchangeably, rather you only want nest to be a synonym for restaurant and not the other way around.

  6. Run a search on your experience to make sure “food joint” returns restaurants!

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Report Card
Add a synonym from nest to restaurant
Add synonym set for restaurant-like words
Common Issues
Configuration changes not saved or showing a message that there are no changes? expand/collapse module

This is likely because you included an object that was not recognized and the Yext system is removing it from the config and saving any other changes.

If you’re adding something that is top-level, like the synonyms or autocomplete objects, make sure it’s not nested inside of a vertical. Conversely, if you’re adding a searchable field or a saved filter, make sure it is nested appropriately.

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