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Turtlehead Tacos has officially launched & integrated their Answers Experience with their main domain. Consumer queries are now being logged in analytics! Let’s take a look and see what changes we can make to optimize the Answers Experience.

Your Challenge:

  1. Publish the site.

    • Navigate to Sites > Answers > Staging Environment
    • Click on New Publish in the top right corner
    • Select Master and click Publish
    • Wait for your site to Publish
  2. Go to your staging URL to access your Answers experience

    • Enter username / password of test/test
    • Input the following queries into your Answers Experience so we have data to work with in the platform.
      • community stories
      • order online
      • locations that accept reservations
      • upcoming events
      • restaurants near me
      • phone number for Miami location
      • jobs

    Think of 5-10 other questions to search as well.

  3. Go to Answers > All Answers Experiences > View Experience > Experience Details and fill in the website properties.

    • Select “Turtlehead Tacos Answers” as the Pages Site.
    • Enter the URL of the Staging Site. It should look something like https://answers-turtleheadtacos-[businessID]_landingpagessbx_yextengtest_com.sbx.yextpages.net/.
  4. Go to Answers > All Answers Experiences > View Experience > Search Terms. At the top, adjust the Traffic Type filter to “All Traffic” and the Configuration Label filter “All Configuration Labels”. Select all queries by clicking the checkbox at the top of the table and select More Actions > View Search Terms to enter a workflow to analyze the queries. For each query:

    • Set their status as Looks Good or Needs Review. For example, if there are no results or the results are not relevant to the question, set as “Needs Review”. If results are good, set as “Looks Good”. For the queries that need review, specify what you think is the issue in the notes section. Be as specific as you can be, but at the least try to guess whether it’s Knowledge Graph, Configuration or Algorithm. Click Save below the notes box to save your changes.

    • Score the entity results. For each entity, decide whether it is relevant, not relevant or the answer. Click “Save & Next” to proceed to the next search term.

    Note - you can also click the dropdown in the top right and “Open Search in Staging” if you want to see the query again like a consumer would.

  5. Now that you’ve reviewed the queries, let’s start improving! We’ll also label search terms to keep track of actions needed or taken. Click on the + pill in the filter bar and add a filter for Status = “Needs Review”.

    • order online is not pulling in the delivery FAQ!

      • Optimization: Create a one way synonym from “order online” –> “delivery”. Test your change on your staging experience to make sure it updates (could be a short delay).
      • Search Term Label: Add the label added_synonym to keep track of that change.
    • jobs should be returning jobs! Hiring can be hard and no results means you just lost a lead!

      • Optimization: Write up an email draft recommending to Turtlehead Tacos to add jobs to their experience. This is a post-launch optimization recommendation and one of many more to come!
      • Search Term Label: Add the label get_data_from_client to the search term.
    • locations accepting reservations should be returning the restaurants vertical and ideally only those restaurants that are accepting reservations, but it’s not doing either. You can try location accepting reservations which at least returns restaurants, but not filtered to those accepting reservations like the search calls for.

      • Optimization: This seems like a two-fold problem:
      1. You need to tell the algorithm to treat locations the same way it would treat restaurants. Add “locations” to the existing synonym set that starts with “location”. Test your change on your staging experience to make sure it updates (could be a short delay).

      2. You want to make sure that if someone searches for restaurants accepting reservations you only surface those that are to make sure customers get the best answer possible. You remember that you created a field called Restaurant Features and have this data filled out already! You just need to add it to the searchable fields. Add Restaurant Features (c_restaurantFeatures) as an NLP filter on the restaurants vertical. Test your change on your staging experience to make sure it updates (could be a short delay).

      • Search Term Label: This search term had two actions! Add two labels: added_synonym and added_searchable_field.
  6. Make any other changes to optimize the experience based on the queries you ran. Which of the other ones need improving and how can you improve them? Use the feedback button to tell us what else you did!

  7. After you’ve verified these changes in staging, update your production label to your latest configuration version.

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