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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to structure the Boost Vertical action
  • Example for Boost Vertical action

You’ll notice we include three query rules in this unit: boost and bury verticals and boost vertical intent. Boost vertical intent is our legacy method for boosting and burying verticals in Query Rules. However, we are working to deprecate it in favor of the simpler boost vertical and bury vertical actions introduced in the Spring ‘22 Release. We recommend you use the boost vertical and bury vertical actions moving forward. The documentation here will include both the action types until the legacy method is deprecated.

Boost and Bury Verticals: Action Structure

To understand how verticals are ranked naturally before you override these rankings, check out the Vertical Ranking Algorithm unit.

The Boost Verticals and Bury Verticals actions work exactly like the Boost Entities and Bury Entities actions. They simply accept an array of verticals.

Key Type Example
verticals Array of strings [“healthcare”, “faqs”]

Verticals will rank in the following order:

  1. Verticals boosted as part of a BOOST_VERTICALS rule, in the order they appear on the verticals array in the rule.
  2. All other verticals.
  3. Verticals buried as part of a BURY_VERTICALS rule, in the order they appear on the verticals array in the rule.

Using the UI

When you select Boost Verticals or Bury Verticals as a query rule action in the UI, you can select the vertical(s) to boost from the dropdown. If you select multiple verticals, you can also drag and drop them to the order you want.

Boost and Bury Verticals action

JSON Config Structure

If you have both boost and bury verticals actions in the same rule, be sure to write them in two separate actions.

  "actionType": "BOOST_VERTICALS",
  "verticals": [
  "actionType": "BURY_VERTICALS",
  "verticals": [
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