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What You’ll Learn

  • How to use the customCssStyles prop to customize the styling of the Search UI React components


Every Search UI React component can be customized by passing the customCssClasses prop. Styles passed by this object override the default styles used by the components.

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Under the hood, the Search UI React components use tailwind-merge . This useful library ensures that whichever Tailwind CSS classes you pass to the Search UI React components will be merged with the default styles with no conflicts.

In this unit, you’ll add a bit of custom stying to your Search components.

1. Use the customCssClasses Prop

Pass the customCssClasses prop to the SpellCheck, Facets, and Pagination components:

const Search: Template<TemplateRenderProps> = () => {
  return (
    <SearchHeadlessProvider searcher={searcher}>
      <div className="px-4 py-8">
        <div className="mx-auto flex max-w-5xl flex-col">
          <h1 className="pb-4 text-center text-3xl font-bold text-red-700">
            Turtlehead Tacos Careers
          <SearchBar placeholder="Search job title, department, or employment type" />
          {/* new code starts here... */}
              link: "text-red-700 underline",
          <ResultsCount />
          <div className="flex">
            <div className="mr-5 w-56 shrink-0">
              <div className="flex flex-col rounded border bg-zinc-100 p-4 shadow-sm">
                    optionInput: "text-red-700 focus:ring-red-700",
                    optionLabel: "text-stone-900",
            icon: "text-stone-900",
            label: "text-stone-900",
            selectedLabel: "text-red-700 border-red-700 bg-red-100",
        {/* and ends here... */}

Let’s review the styling you just added:

  • The SpellCheck link matches the red heading text color and underline.
  • The Facets label text color matches that of JobCard and their checkboxes have a red ring when checked.
  • The selected page in the Pagination component now has a red border and light red background.

You made some pretty minimal styling changes, but the customCssClasses prop provides the flexibility for you to customize your components any way you’d like.

Styled Spellcheck

Styled Facets

Styled Pagination

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