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You can think of a couple use cases for embedded fields that will make managing the Turtlehead Tacos data a lot easier for you so you can focus on other tasks. This includes:

  • Localizing the description field so you can set it once but have it be localized
  • Embedding the Landing Page URL (which is where Yext Pages publishes the landing page URL automatically when the pages go live) in the Website field (which goes to listings)

Your Challenge

Hint - make sure that you are selecting all restaurants for your bulk edit, and not just the first 25.

  1. Bulk edit all restaurants to include “Visit us in [[]], [[address.region]] today!” at the end of the description (add it to the end of the paragraph).

  2. Bulk edit all restaurants to include [[landingPageUrl]] in the Website URL field for both URL and Display URL.

  3. Bulk edit all Restaurants to update the Restaurant Promotions field with the following 3 promotions:

    Promotion 1

    title: Tacos & Tots Tuesdays


    Description: Order two tacos and get free tots on Tuesdays.

    URL: [[landingPageUrl]]

    Promotion 2

    title: 2-for-1 Champagne Margaritas


    Description: Buy one Champagne Margarita and get your second on the house. Cheers!

    URL: [[landingPageUrl]]

    Promotion 3

    title: Fiesta Package


    Description: Having a party? Let Turtlehead Tacos help! Call today to inquire about our Fiesta Package.

    URL: [[landingPageUrl]]

Module Assessment
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You must include a first name and last name in your profile to create challenge environments.
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Report Card
Add embedded field to the decription for all restaurants
Add Landing Page URL embedded field to the Website field
Add content to the Restaurant Promotions field with Landing Page URL embedded in URL field
Common Issues
Bulk editing all entities expand/collapse module

Make sure that you are selecting all of the right entities when you bulk edit. If there are more than 25 entities (or the number of results on the first page), make sure to click the blue link to select all entities when applicable.

bulk edit help

Make sure you spelled everything as specified. expand/collapse module
Many of the challenge graders are looking for exact strings. For example, if you’re adding a string to a description, make sure to add it exactly and not to add additional spaces or characters.
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