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Turtlehead Tacos is expanding quickly and a lot of the extra marketing data isn’t stored in the source system that you use for file uploads. You don’t want to keep adding the data manually in the spreadsheet every single time. You want to make sure that all new Restaurant entities have the following fields:

  • Description
  • Featured Message
  • Restaurant Promotions
  • Price Range
  • Attire
  • Primary CTA

Your Challenge

  1. Enable the Primary CTA field for Restaurant, Event, and FAQ types. You can do this by navigating to Content > Configuration > Fields > Primary CTA and updating Field Availability, or by going to Content > Configuration > Entity Types and updating the schema for each entity type individually.

  2. Navigate to Content > Configuration > Templates. Create “New Restaurant Content” template.

    • Select the Restaurant entity type
    • Click to “Copy the data from an existing restaurant entity” (select any of them - they all have the same data from the upload!) for only the following fields:
      • Description
      • Featured Message
    • Add Restaurant Promotions
    • Add Price Range field and set to $
    • Add Attire field and set to Casual
    • Add Primary CTA field and set the text to “Click to Order”, link type URL, and the URL to “”
  3. Apply the template to all existing restaurants

  4. Create a new restaurant with the address and entity ID below and apply the “New Restaurant Content” template at creation. Remember you’ll need to click “Additional Settings” to see the template option.

    Type: Restaurant
    Name: Turtlehead Tacos
        Address 1: 1323 Kirby Rd
        City: McLean
        State/Region: VA
        Postal Code: 22101
    Entity ID: 1000

    Hint: Click to expand Additional Settings to set Entity ID OR you can save and update it after you create the entity.

  5. You have a saved Upload Configuration called “Weekly Restaurant File” that makes it super fast and easy for you to drop in a new file each week. You want to make sure that for future uploads of this type this template is applied for all new entities. Navigate to Content > Configuration > Upload Configuration and click into edit the “Weekly Restaurant File”. Scroll to the bottom and add an “Additional Action” to apply “New Restaurant Content” template to “New Entities”.

  6. You want to start a template with holiday content. Create a “Seasonal Content” template for entity type “Restaurants”. Include the following fields:

    Featured Message Description: "Taco about the holidays with us!"
    Featured Message URL: [[website.url]]

    You’ll apply this template as a scheduled update in the next challenge.

Module Assessment
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Report Card
Add Primary CTA to the Retaurant entity type
Add Primary CTA to the Event entity type
Add Primary CTA to the FAQ entity type
Add a new entity template called New Restaurants Content with only the following fields: Restaurant Promotions, Description, Featured Message, Primary CTA, Price Range and Attire field.
Apply the New Restaurant Content template to all Restaurants
Create a new Restaurant entity with ID 1000
Update the Weekly Restaurant File upload configuration to apply the New Restaurant Content template to new entities
Add a Seasonal Content template with the featured message field
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