Accounts Settings & Additional Listings Screens | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Which Listings Settings can be found in Account Settings
  • An overview of the additional screens under Listings

Account Settings for Listings

The primary things you can manage here has already been covered:

  • Linked Accounts: This is where you manage your authenticated accounts for Publishers like Google, Facebook or EventBrite

Linked Accounts

Other Screens in Listings

Throughout the rest of this track, you’ll learn about additional Listings tools and features, all of which can be accessed via the sub-tabs for Listings. This includes:

  • Duplicate Suppression
  • Social Posts
  • Social Approvals
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    Which Listings-related features can you manage from Account Settings?

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    Which of the following is not a sub-tab under Listings:

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