Best Practices and Common Use Cases for Users | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The value of adding users in the platform
  • Common user scenarios and suggested roles to add for them

Why Add Users

Adding more users to collaborate within Yext is one of the smartest and most valuable things that you can do. Your brand will be more successful in the long-term if you can have more stakeholders engaged on its search experience and search performance. Using roles and permissions, you can choose what each person can do or see in the platform, while also benefitting from their contribution.

Some of the most important reasons to add users to the platform include:

  • Empower local users to manage their content
  • Create visibility across the organization to teams like Store Operations, Real Estate, Product, IT, HR and more
  • Can track what changes specific users have made to the account
  • Empower local users or customer service teams to respond to Reviews or Q&A

Common User Scenarios

Sometimes it’s hard to think of who to add to the platform and what kind of access to give them. Below are some potential use cases to start thinking about it.

Franchise Owner

Appropriate user role: Entity Manager with access to the specific entities or a folder of entities

This type of user can:

  • Update content
  • Manage listings and reviews
  • View analytics
  • Create personal analytics dashboards and reports (only for the one restaurant entity they manage)

This type of user cannot:

  • Access Account level functions: billing, services, user management, App Directory

Restaurant Manager

Appropriate user role: Content Requester for one specific entities or a folder of entities

This type of user can:

  • Suggest content changes
  • View listings
  • Monitor reviews and insights
  • Create personal analytics dashboards and reports

This type of user cannot:

  • Make edits or respond to reviews without approval
  • View account level functions

Appropriate user role: Entity Viewer on Account or Folders

This type of user can:

  • View Entities
  • Export Entities to use with other vendors
  • View Analytics

This type of user cannot:

  • Make edits
  • Respond to reviews
  • Build anything in the account, like Pages or Search
  • View account level functions like billing or user management
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