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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The different types of user groups
  • How to create a user groups manually
  • How to create user groups in bulk

User Groups Overview

User groups allow you to organize your users for things like Suggestions approvals or identifying types of Users in your account. User Groups are a way to designate or organize types of users in your account independent of permissioning.

To access User Groups:

  1. Click on the Account Details icon in the navigation bar and click Account Settings.
  2. Click User Groups.

On this screen you will see all of the user groups that are currently in your account.

User Group Management

There are two types of users groups:

  • Built-in User Groups
  • Custom User Groups

Built-in User Groups

Built-in User Groups are defined by Yext, and you have the ability to manage who is in the user groups. Accounts will have built-in user groups that are defined by Yext, like Yext Administrator. Each built-in user group serves a specific purpose and is usually referenced to designate who Yext should reach out to for certain communications.

Custom User Groups

You also have the option to create Custom User Groups. These user groups are used primarily for approvals. So, you can easily designate which users in the account should be responsible for approving Content Suggestions.

To create a User Group click + Add User Group and select Add Single Group from the drop-down.

New User Group Details

Then, you will enter the name of the group, a description, select the maximum number of users that can be added to the group, and add specific users.

New User Group Details

User Groups Details

Name: The name of the group. We recommend making this something distinct so you can easily distinguish between groups.

Description: A description that describes the purpose of the group. This will display along with the Group Name on the User Groups screen.

Maximum Users: You have the ability to designate the maximum number of users that can be added to a group.

Users in Group: This is where you can add any relevant users to the group. You will need to create users before you can add them to the group. Once your user group is created, you can also assign someone membership to the group when you are adding them as a user. To add users, simply search for their username in the text box, and click + Add Users to add any additional users.

Once you’ve entered your desired group settings, click Create Group and your user group will be added!

Creating User Groups in Bulk

Just like with users, we give you an upload tool to add or update your user groups in bulk.

The fields required for the bulk upload are mostly the same as those required for adding a single user group.

groupID: This field is only required for updating existing user groups. When you are creating new groups, the Group ID will be automatically generated for you.

name: A name for the user group.

users: A list of usernames for the users that you would like to add to this group. This is optional when creating groups — you can always add users later! When updating existing user groups, any users provided in this field will overwrite the existing users in the group, so make sure you include a full list of users you would like to include in this group in your upload.

When uploading user groups, we recommend downloading the sample file, especially if it’s your first upload. This will ensure that your field headers are properly formatted and you have all of the required information in your spreadsheet.

bulk upload users

Bulk Upload User Groups

You can create or update user groups in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet. The process for bulk uploading user groups is pretty straightforward, and very similar to the upload user process.

  1. To get started, navigate to the User Groups screen in Account Settings and click on + Add User Group > Bulk Upload User Groups.
  2. We recommend downloading the sample file, especially if it’s your first upload. This will ensure that your field headers are properly formatted and you have all of the required information in your spreadsheet.
  3. Fill out your spreadsheet.
  4. Click Choose File to upload your completed file. Remember that the spreadsheet must be a csv.
  5. Click Process Upload.
  6. Confirm the changes that you will be making.

If you encounter any errors, be sure to review the error messaging carefully to start troubleshooting. Once your file upload is complete, your new users groups will be added to the platform, and any updates to existing user groups will be applied!

Assign a User to a Group

Once you have created your user groups, you can then assign your user to the relevant groups.

In addition to adding users to groups during the upload process, there are two ways to do this directly in the platform:

  • From the User Groups screen
  • From the Users screen when you’re editing an existing user

From User Group Management:

  1. Navigate to the User Groups screen in Account Settings.
  2. Click Edit next to the relevant User Group.
  3. Click on the Users in Group field and click + Add Users and select the users you would like to add to the group.
  4. Click Save.

Add a User to a group

From User Management:

  1. Navigate to the Users screen in Account Settings.
  2. Click to edit the user you would like to add to the group.
  3. Click on the User Group field and click on the + Add Another link. Then select the user group from the drop-down.
  4. Once you click Save that user will now be part of the corresponding user group.

assign a user to a user group

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