How to Leverage Notifications | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

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In this section, you will learn:

  • Use cases and examples for notifications


As a whole, we recommend setting up notifications in your account, as there are a variety of benefits. Notifications enable you to:

  • Stay informed of important updates and changes
  • Engage users
  • Update stakeholders who don’t log into the platform

Notifications are flexible, and can be leveraged for a variety of different use cases depending on what you want to be sent and communicated to users in the platform, or external stakeholders.

Review Notification Examples

A very common use case we see for notifications is Reviews. You can set up a series of Review Notifications. For example, you can create a notification for ‘new reviews and updates as they come in’ and send it to a Customer Care Team. This will allow them to quickly be notified, and respond through the proper channels.

You then may also want to send review notifications to Regional Managers so they can see how many negative reviews are coming in to help them understand which stores in their region are underperforming.

You can also get even more granular, and configure notifications based on a specific keyword in a review. That way for example, if your restaurant is rolling out new menu items, a specific person or group of people can see all of the reviews coming in that pertain to a certain set of words associated with those new menu items.

Analytics Notification Example

Another common use case is sending Report notifications to store managers, regional managers, etc. so they can track performance of certain locations over time.

One of the benefits of Yext’s notification system is that you can send notifications to anyone, regardless of whether they have access to a Yext account. All you have to do is enter their email address.

This means that you can easily create different Analytics dashboards for different audiences and send them to the relevant stakeholders. For example, you can create a high-level dashboard for the executive team and send that on a monthly basis so they can see a quick overview of how things are performing across all locations.

Additionally, you can send weekly reports to store managers or franchise owners so they can see the details on how their individual locations are operating.

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