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In this section, you will learn:

  • An overview of secure Sites
  • The available options to set up secure Sites with Yext


Secure sites refer to a website that is locked down to only the set of users you want to have access to view it. In the instance of creating a secure Site with Yext we specifically mean a Yext Site requiring a user to enter credentials that authenticates them to access the site.

If you want to create a secure site with Yext, you have 3 different options to choose from.

  1. Basic Password Protection
  2. Open Identify Connect (OIDC)
    • OIDC is a thin layer on top of OAuth that layers on authentication on top of OAuth in a standardized way.
  3. Yext Identify Prover (IdP)
    • IdP is the system that manages who the users are and handles authentication in our OIDC system. This method is a login with Yext that uses OIDC protocol on top of the OAuth system.

Basic Password Protection — this allows any user with the global password to have access to the site. This option is recommended for users not looking for a strong layer of security (as everyone will log into the site with the same password), but an easy implementation.

OIDC — is a very secure way to lock down your site to only a set of authenticated users by connecting your Yext Site to an external identity provider, such as Okta. This is recommended for anyone who already manages their users through an identity provider such as Okta.

Yext IdP — this is the easiest way to configure an entirely secure experience hosted by Yext. Using this system, users will log in with their Yext Account in order to access your Site. This is recommended for users looking to manage their Site and information through Yext. It also allows for easy configuration of Authorized Search and visitor level analytics (more on Authorized Search in the next unit).

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