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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Introduction to review monitoring
  • High-level overview of the Review Monitoring features in Yext

Introduction to Review Monitoring

Reviews are a great opportunity for businesses to analyze customer feedback. At scale, it can become a very manual process to comb through reviews about different entities on different sites on an ongoing basis.

A review monitoring solution helps you to understand your customer experience, analyze trends, and identify specific positive or negative experiences. This has major benefits including time savings, a global brand view, and providing the data necessary to make informed brand improvements.

Review Monitoring in Yext

When it comes to monitoring reviews, each organization has different goals, structures, and processes. Yext provides flexible tools and functionality, so that regardless of how you want to monitor your reviews there are options available.

Navigate to Reviews > Monitoring in the navigation bar to use the review monitoring tools.

Review Monitoring In-Platform

Yext takes advantage of its direct two-way integrations with publishers around the web to pull reviews into a single platform. This gives users — whether they care about a single entity, or an entire brand — one place to look at all incoming reviews.


Advanced filtering gives you the functionality to view and sort reviews based on content, rating, date, entity, language, site, and more. This makes it easy to filter down to the reviews you care about and get the feedback you need.

Click Add Filter to reveal the review monitoring filter options


Notifications make it easy to see the reviews you care about as soon as they are left. Click the bell icon and then Manage Notifications to create a custom filter for the reviews you want to see. Yext will notify you whenever reviews fitting that criteria are pulled into the platform.

Click the bell icon and Manage Notifications to create a review notification

Review Analytics

Yext has advanced reviews-specific analytics to surface data on review ratings, sentiment analysis, competitive intelligence, and more. You’ll learn more about these analytics throughout the Reviews track.

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