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Marty Morris (the Turtlehead CEO and Founder) does not totally understand review response and the value it has, but you know that Turtlehead Tacos would significantly benefit from responding to reviews with Yext, especially with the initiative around improving the in-restaurant experience. You want to show him what this looks like to get approval to move forward with a larger reviews initiative.

You decide to respond to a couple reviews to show Marty in your next sync.

Your Challenge

  1. On the Entities screen in Content, filter to the entities with the label “Reviews Challenge” (should be 5 restaurant entities).

  2. Select the 5 entities and click on More Actions > Add Services.

  3. Go through the Add Services flow to add Reviews service to your account. You must have Reviews licenses assigned in order to use Reviews features.

    • In Product Selection, choose Subscriptions and click Continue
    • Check off the box next to the License Pack in the account and click Continue
    • Review the Summary to make sure you are assigning the license pack to 5 entities and click Submit
    • Click Return to Content
  4. If you don’t see “Reviews” in the navigation bar, go to Account Settings > Personal Settings and click on the Clear Cache button in the top right of the screen.

  5. Navigate to Reviews > Monitoring and click Create Sample Reviews. This is going to generate reviews for you to use for this challenge. Wait for a success message before proceeding and keep in mind you may need to refresh the page after it is successful.

  6. Respond to 2 reviews of your choice:

    • Respond to a 1-star review using reviews best practices you’ve learned (remember, hug your haters by addressing the complaint and try to win them back!)
    • Respond to a 5-star review using reviews best practices you’ve learned (remember, fire up your fans and keep them coming back for more!)
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