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  • Introduction to Reviews Overview
  • Metrics available and how to use them

The Reviews Overview

The Overview is the first screen you will see when you click Reviews in the navigation bar. This is a dashboard providing out-of-the-box analytics that give a high level view of your reviews management program.

Along the top of the screen you will see high level metrics including the number of unread reviews, reviews you have received this month, average rating this month, and the generation rate (success rate) this month.

Reviews overview top

The next section highlights recent reviews and first-party reviews that have been generated.

The Recent Reviews insight highlights your latest reviews. Clicking on a review brings up that review’s detail view in the Review Monitoring tab where you can take actions like add labels or respond to the review.

The First Party Reviews this Month insight showcases the number of reviews generated and the average rating of those generated reviews for the past two months. The numbers to the right highlighted in red or green represent the delta from the previous month.

The next two insights are valuable competitive metrics to see how you stack up against the competition.

In the Similar Businesses Nearby metric we benchmark each of your locations’ review rating and review count against similar businesses on each review site. The location’s category and geographical area are factors in determining similar businesses. This helps you to determine how many of your locations are underperforming, outperforming, or performing as expected.

Similar businesses nearby

Competitors’ Average Rating is a component of Reviews Competitive Intelligence. Yext will compare your locations’ ratings to the review ratings for competitors of your choice on Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor. For more information please visit the Reviews Competitive Intelligence unit .

Reviews overview competitive intelligence

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