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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Commonly used Reviews metrics
  • Review Response metrics to track your response program
  • How Analytics leaderboards can help measure your reviews management

Commonly Used Reviews Metrics

Analytics are critical to the success of any review management program. In order to make informed decisions you need to understand where you can improve.

Many of the popular reviews metrics are included in the Reviews Overview and Reviews Summary dashboard, but there are a few others that are commonly used. Yext Analytics allows you to create your own reports and filter and dimension metrics in whatever way is most helpful for you.

Reviews report builder

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Try dimensioning and filtering these metrics by different time periods, site, specific keywords, and more.

Review Monitoring:

Many of the high level Review Monitoring metrics are included in the Overview and Insights tabs. To dig deeper into specific keywords we recommend:

  • Keyword Sentiment
  • Keyword Mentions
  • Keyword Average Rating
  • Common Terms Insight (pre-built)

Review Response:

Three metrics to focus on to build a healthy review response program are:

  • Response Rate
  • Response Count
  • Response Time

To learn more, please visit this Help Article dedicated to these three metrics.

Review Generation:

  • Success Rate
  • Average Rating of Generated Reviews
  • Conversion Rate

Note: Success Rate and Conversion Rate are only available in the Review Generation tab


For most of the metrics above, you can apply the following dimensions:

  • Frequent Words
  • Ratings
  • Site
  • Review Labels
  • Review Keywords
  • Sentiment Collection
  • Awaiting Response
  • Response Time
  • Entity
  • Folder
  • Label

Dimensions allow you to break down each metric to determine your performance within each segment. For example, dimensioning average rating by site would allow you to see performance on each unique site!

Example Reports

Review Performance: See new reviews by average rating

  • Metrics
    • New Reviews
  • Dimensions
    • Ratings
  • Filters (Optional)
    • Site, Time Period, Awaiting Response

Response Reporting: See how well you’re responding to reviews broken down by star-rating

  • Metrics
    • Response Rate
    • Response Time
  • Dimensions
    • Ratings

Sentiment Analysis: For all identified review keywords, see count of mentions and keyword sentiment

  • Metrics
    • Keyword Mentions
    • Keyword Sentiment
  • Dimensions
    • Review Keywords

Reviews Leaderboards

Leaderboards are an extremely helpful Analytics tool to help understand which locations are top performers in certain metrics and which are underperforming. For Reviews, you have the option to view the following metrics in a Leaderboard:

  • New Reviews
  • Keyword Mentions
  • Response Count
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