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What You’ll Learn

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • Update to a new SDK version
  • Explain what patches, minor versions, and major version are
  • Find which SDK Version your experience is currently on


For the Hitchhiker Theme, you’ll use a Jambo Command that will automatically upgrade you to the latest version. When you upgrade the theme, the SDK is also automatically updated and the new version will be populated in the global_config.json file within the Code Editor.

Follow the Theme Upgrade guide for the step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade the theme version, and thereby upgrade the SDK version.

SDK version in global_config.json file

Semantic Versioning

We release updates to the Search UI SDK using  semantic versioning , a widely accepted practice in software development, where versions are denoted by three numbers in the form of Major.Minor.Patch, such as v1.21.2. While the SDK is pinned automatically, it is important to understand the types of changes you can expect between each and what it means to pin to each.

Semantic Versioning format

Patches (e.g. v1.21.2)

Changes between patches will be non-breaking bug fixes, including styling regression fixes. When you upgrade patches, you will not see things degrade (there will either be an improvement or no change).

  • Pinning to a patch means you’re pinning to an exact version. If there are patch updates, you will need to do work to upgrade to the latest.
  • Note: If you have custom styling targeting specific classes, these updates might be breaking.
  • Pinning to patches is recommended for high profile sites with strict protocols on changes and those with custom styling that could break with automatic updates.

Minor Versions (e.g. v1.21)

Changes between minor versions will include new functionality and deliberate styling updates (for example, adding spacing between result cards on verticals). It will not stop your experience from working, but there is a chance of visual impact.

  • Pinning to a minor version will use the latest public version that starts with 1.21. This is recommended for most sites as it means you will get patch fixes automatically.

Major Versions (e.g. v1)

Changes between major versions include breaking changes such as a changed interface. Be sure to follow the reference doc associated with the Search UI SDK version closely for major version upgrades.

  • Pinning to a major version will use the latest public version that starts with 1. This is not recommended for production experiences as it could be risky.

So long as you are not providing custom styling or doing custom development work, we recommend pinning to a minor version so you receive any bug fixes automatically without having to redeploy your site! For upgrades, you’ll want to carefully review the changes outlined in the changelog section associated with each version release for instructions.

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