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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The types of things that Solution Templates can add to an account
  • What a specific Solution Template looks like

The Food Solution

Let’s take a look at an example Solution Template - the Food Solution. We will go through what it contains so that you can familiarize yourself with what Solution Templates look like. You can also follow along here: https://sandbox.yext.com/adminconsole/resources?githubRepo=https://github.com/YextSolutions/food-template.

The Food Solution makes configuration changes in the following areas of a Yext account:

  • Content
  • Pages
  • Search
  • Platform Settings


The Food Solution adds several custom fields, including things like:

  • Allergens
  • Calories
  • Price
  • Primary CTA
  • Related FAQs

It adds a Menu Item and Offer custom entity types. Lastly, it extends the built-in Restaurant, Job and FAQ entity types by adding the custom fields to them.

With this data model, it is easy to set up a menu at all of a restaurant’s locations. Each location can have its own menu, and different locations can have the same menu items. Each menu item can list its caloric content or if it contains any allergens.


The Food Solution adds a Pages Site for Search, as well as a few Page Builder templates. It is possible that you will not want to add both a Page Site and Page Builder Templates into your account, so you can remove whichever you choose not to use before installing it in your account – or, you can install it on your account and choose to use it later if you’d like.

The Food Solution contains a Search experience with a Search Configuration and a Search site. It sets up a basic search for Offers, FAQs, Jobs, Menu Items, Restaurants and Links. You can customize the Search experience to be more robust, but this basic setup will give you the core functionality as soon as you install it. This includes both the backend Search Configuration as well as the frontend site and repository.


The Food Solution requires the Page Builder account feature to be enabled. So, it includes the setting to enable this particular feature.

With all of this configuration installed into an account, you have a basic functioning Yext account for a restaurant. You can see how you can extend the solution to add even more functionality.

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    How many custom fields does the Food Solution add to an account? Use this link to review the template: https://sandbox.yext.com/adminconsole/resources?githubRepo=https://github.com/YextSolutions/food-template

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    True or False: Search experiences are too complicated to include in a Solution Template, so they are not included in the Food Solution.

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