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In this section, you will learn:

  • What is a read API?
  • What is a write API?

API connections can both “read” (pull) and “write” (push) data depending on how they are set up. Read APIs simply pull and ingest information from a system, whereas write APIs push actual updates to a system.

To expand upon the example used earlier, when you search an online travel booking site and it aggregates hotel information based on your search, the API is reading (pulling) the information from the individual Hotel sites to display it in your search results.

Once you select a specific hotel to book, and hit confirm, the online travel booking site then writes (pushes) that information back to the specific hotel site you chose to log your reservation.

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    True or False: A read API updates information in a target system.

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    What is the difference between read vs write APIs?

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    True or False: API integrations can only be read OR write, they cannot be both.

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