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    Why do we use Handlebars templates? (Select all that apply)

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    Why are comments useful in Handlebars?

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    What is the most precise evaluation context if we are using the firstName and lastName fields in our Handlebars template?

          "firstName": "John",
          "lastName": "Doe",
          "middleName": "Adam",
          "suffix": "Jr.",
          "nickname": "Jack"
          "city": "Austin",
          "state": "TX"
        "linkedInUrl": "",
        "headshotUrl": ""
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    Turtlehead Tacos wants to print a list of their menu items, along with calories and a link to the menu item. What's wrong with their code below?

      "menuItems": [
        "name": "Taco",
        "calories": "100 calories per taco",
        "menuLink": ""
        "name": "Burritos",
        "calories": "500 calories",
        "menuLink": ""
        "name": "Chips and Guacamole",
        "calories": "600 calories",
        "menuLink": ""
    Handlebars Template:
    <h1>Our Menu Items</h1> <ul>
      {{#each menuItems}}
        {{}} | {{menuItem.calories}} | <a href="{{menuItem.menuLink}}">View Menu Item</a>
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    Turtlehead Tacos built their header in Handlebars, and wants to put it on every page on their site without copy/pasting the code. What Handlebars concept will help?

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