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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to access the Activity Log
  • What the Activity Log tracks

The Activity Log is being deprecated during General Availability on April 19, 2023. To learn more about how to view the activity data via the Logs API or via the Entity History page, see the Updates in Analytics unit in the Spring ‘23 Release Highlights Track.


The Activity Report keeps track of all of the activity within your account such as content updates, listing status changes, and new reviews.

To access this report, click Analytics in the navigation bar, then click Activity.

Activity Types

The Activity Log is a table that outlines all of the following activity types:

  • Profile Updates: A change was made to a field in the Knowledge Graph.
  • Review: A new review was received.
  • Social Post: A post was published to Facebook, Foursquare, Google, or the Post Widget.
  • Listing Live: A listing went live.
  • Duplicate Suppressed: A duplicate listing was suppressed on a publisher site.
  • Publisher Suggestions Retrieved: A suggested edit was made on a publisher site.
  • Publisher Suggestions Rejected: A Publisher Suggestion was rejected.
  • Publisher Suggestions Approved: A Publisher Suggestion was approved.

Actor Types

Then, each of these actions are attributed to different actors (whether they are users, or integrations that prompt the change to the made). Activity in the Activity Log can be attributed to the following actors:

  • Yext: The Yext system when triggered by a user action (e.g., duplicate listing suppressed).
  • User: A Yext user. You will also be able to see the username and email address associated with the specific user.
  • Scheduled Content: The Scheduled Updates feature
  • Publisher: One of the publisher sites in the Yext Publisher Network
  • API: A user or integration via the API.
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