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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to structure the Return No Results action
  • Example for Return No Results action

Action Structure

The Return No Result action has the following structure:

  • The verticals property should be the list of verticals that should return no results

Key Type Example
verticals Array of strings [“jobs”, “faqs”]

Config Structure

"actions": [
          "actionType": "RETURN_NO_RESULTS",
          "verticals": ["jobs"]

If you’re using the UI, you can paste this in to the input:


The following example will reference the JSON editor, but you can use either.

No Results Example

For a query like the below, we may want to avoid returning results for Jobs if someone searches for “Executive Chef” - Turtlehead Tacos won’t be replacing their executive chef anytime soon! Without any changes, both FAQs and Jobs would return for a query like “Who is your executive chef?”.

Exec Chef Search without Rule

To suppress Jobs results for queries like these, we’ll:

  • Check if the search term contains Executive Chef
  • Return no results for the ‘jobs’ vertical
	 "criteria": {
        "searchTermContains": [
          "executive chef"
      "actions": [
          "actionType": "RETURN_NO_RESULTS",
          "verticals": ["jobs"]

After this rule is applied, only the FAQ will be returned as a result.

Exec Chef Search with Rule

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