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You are just getting started with your search experience. You’re starting with a solution template that comes with backend verticals for your Restaurants and Events. You want to make sure that any time a customer is looking for a location they find one of your restaurants. You will add a synonym for “Location” → “Restaurant”.

Your Challenge

  1. Navigate to Search > All Search Experiences and click “View Experience” next to the answers experience (you can also navigate here in the left navigation by going to Search > answers > Home). As mentioned, this challenge has a Search Configuration that’s already been started for you based on a Solution Template – you just need to update it. The Home page of your experience is your full screen Test Search, with the navigation on the left.

    Try out a few queries in the full screen Test Search:

    • Run a search for “restaurant”. Note how restaurants are returned.
    • Run a search for “location”. Note how nothing is returned. This is because we need to train the system to know that location is the same as restaurant.
  2. In the left navigation, click on “Synonyms”. Click “+Add One Way Synonym”. Add a one-way synonym from “location” (phrase) –> “restaurant” (synonym). Click “Save”.

  3. Now, run a search for “location” again in the right panel version of your Test Search. You should now see the Restaurants! You’ve successfully updated the search configuration for Turtlehead Tacos, which helps the Search Algorithm know that for this search experience it should treat the word “location” the same as it treats the word “restaurant”.

Don’t worry - you’ll learn more about how synonyms work and what strategies to use in the Synonyms module

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