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Your client’s main goals for Search are to use it as a way for people to find the Restaurants, hear about new events or local initiatives, answer commonly asked questions – and maybe more! You want the Turtleheads to get the answers they need when they’re hungry (nobody likes a hangry Turtlehead!). You’ll add universal and vertical prompts that reinforce to Turtlehead customers what they can search for in this experience. You want to make sure you include universal prompts to start, and you’ll also set up vertical prompts for FAQs, Events, and Restaurants.

Keep in mind - you wouldn’t want to include any prompts that won’t have results, like searches for community stories, menu items or jobs as you have not added these to your experience yet. When you add new verticals you can always consider whether to update the prompts to highlight this data to your customers. As a reminder from the previous unit, we recommend adding a vertical prompt for each new vertical.

Your Challenge

  1. Navigate to Search > answers > Home.

    • Click into the search bar on your full screen Test Search. Note how no hardcoded prompts come up when you first click into the search bar. This means you don’t have any prompts yet!
  2. Add universal and vertical prompts to the Turtlehead Search Experience. You can do so either in the UI or the JSON Config Editor. We’ll provide details of what suggestions you’ll want and then instructions for each approach.

    Add the following universal prompts

    • Restaurants near me
    • Do you offer delivery?
    • Events
    • Do you sell gift cards?

    In addition, add the following vertical prompts for the FAQs, Events, and Restaurants verticals, respectively:


    • [[name]]


    • [[name]]


    • Restaurants near me
    • Restaurants in [[]]

    JSON Config Editor Instructions

    You can copy the below snippet in paste into the JSON config editor to achieve the above prompts:

      "querySuggestions": {
        "popularQueriesBlacklistedTerms": [],
        "universalPrompts": [
            <insert prompts>
        "verticalPrompts": {
          "faqs": [
            <insert prompts>
          "events": [
            <insert prompts>
          "restaurants": [
            <insert prompts>

    Search Config UI Instructions

    Click on “Query Suggestions” and fill out the prompts in the “Universal Prompts” and “Vertical Prompts” tabs. Note: for Vertical Prompts you’ll need to toggle between each vertical.

  3. Click into your Test Search in the Configuration UI. Make sure the label is set to PRODUCTION and click back into the search bar. You should now see your universal prompts appearing in the dropdown menu!

hardcoded prompts UI

Not seeing your prompts show up? Remember to check your configuration labels under “Deployment” and ensure that your PRODUCTION label is set to latest. The indexing can also take a few minutes.

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Add universal and vertical prompts to the Search Configuration
Common Issues
Configuration changes not saved or showing a message that there are no changes? expand/collapse module

This is likely because you included an object that was not recognized and the Yext system is removing it from the config and saving any other changes.

If you’re adding something that is top-level, like the synonyms or autocomplete objects, make sure it’s not nested inside of a vertical. Conversely, if you’re adding a searchable field or a saved filter, make sure it is nested appropriately.

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