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What is Analytics QA

As you know, part of what makes Yext Search such a valuable product is the real-time search analytics that we capture which track what a user searches and how they engage with the content in the search experience. This allows a Hitchhiker to make data-driven adjustments to the experience as they gather more and more information.

We track various actions that a user takes on your search experience. For example, we track if a user clicks the Directions CTA for a restaurant entity or the Order Now CTA for a menu item. See below for a more complete list of analytics that we track on the search experience. You want to check to ensure that these events are firing:


It’s critical that you ensure these events are firing properly before you integrate and go live. You will learn more about each of the analytics events listed above in more detail in ANS260: Integration Options and Getting Live . For now, just remember that it’s important to test analytics events prior to going live so that we can capture all user interactions with the search experience.

How to QA Analytics

In order to ensure that the analytics events are firing correctly, you’ll need to inspect the webpage. To do this, right click anywhere on your search experience and select ‘Inspect’. This will open a pane on the right hand side of your screen. Select the Network tab from the header, and click Preserve Log so that events stay active. Analytics Events

Once you’re in the Network tab, query for something in the search bar of your search experience. Now click one of the CTAs directly in the search experience (it’s easiest if you click to open in a new tab), you will see that a numbered event (your account ID) gets logged in the Network console. This means an analytics event has properly fired and been logged! Analytics Events

Once you’ve confirmed that an analytics event has properly fired, click into the event in the Network tab. Scroll to the bottom of the window where you will see ‘Request Payload’. Click the accordion next to ‘data’ to expand the content. Confirm that the correct attributes have been passed, such as the entity ID, the event type, the vertical configuration ID, etc. Analytics Events

You will learn more about all the types of analytics events we log in ANS275: Search Analytics . For now, just remember the importance of testing Analytics events before going live.

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