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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to access the Response Logs page and the details that are available to view
  • An introduction into how to use Response Logs to debug Chat

The response Logs page in Chat gives you a list of all response logs for a given chatbot and details about the conversation.

This includes:

  • Timestamp
  • User Message
  • Bot Message
  • Predicted Goal
  • Reply Status

Each row is a message in a given conversation. As you can see in the example below:

response logs demo example

Clicking View Details next to a row in the logs table will open up a history of the full conversation, as well as details on the goal prediction so you can dig into the behavior of why the chatbot responded in the way that they did.

Each prompt will be listed so you can click on each one to understand the detail of the bot’s response or how the bot parsed fields to ingest data from the user’s response.

response log details demo example

Debugging with Logs

Logs are a very effective tool to help debug your bot. For instance, if your bot responds with “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find an answer”, or “I’m not sure how to assist you with that. Is there anything else I can help you with?” we recommend consulting the logs to dig into what might be going on.

If the bot is asked something that it can’t answer there are generally two things that may be going on:

  1. The bot can’t identify a goal that matches what the user was asking of the bot
  2. The bot identifies the goal, but when it searches for the answer it can’t find what it is looking for.

Clicking into a prompt is the first place to start, as this will tell you details of what the bot did.

In the example below the bot tried to detect the goal, and then responded to the user:

bot responding that it cannot assist

Unable to Identify Goal

We can see in the preview that the bot was unable to answer the user’s question, by clicking into the Prompt: predictGoal log we can see that because the user was asking the bot its purpose. In this instance, the bot’s goals are to engage in casual conversation, and provide the weather so it did not know how to identify the goal of the user and instead responded with a casual response and asked the user a follow up question.

response log indicting why the bot cannot assist

When you identify that the bot was unable to determine the goal, you have a few options to fix that if needed.

If you already have a goal associated with the bot that meets the user’s needs, you can update existing goals to provide more example phrases to help the bot identify the user’s goal. Or, if you don’t have an existing goal and you are seeing a pattern in this type of question from your users, you may want to add a goal to your bot that meets the user’s needs.

No Search Results

Alternatively, you may find that the bot correctly detected the goal. However, it was unable to provide the correct answer for the search. If this is the case you will usually see the Yext Search prompt, followed by detectResultContent. When clicking into that, you will see the Response outlines that the search results were null, thus there is no information to provide the user in response to their question.

bot cannot find answer from search

Depending on what a user is asking, you may not expect your bot to have the answer. However, for questions that you are expecting an answer to, you should first check to make sure that that information is in fact stored in the Yext platform and accessible to Yext products.

If the content isn’t stored in your Yext account and is not accessible to Yext products, it may be something that you need to add to the Content. Or, if it is already stored in the Content it may be worth reviewing your bot configuration to make sure that the relevant vertical and field are being leveraged by the bot.

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