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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • What custom modules are
  • Use cases for custom modules
  • How to request custom modules


We mentioned earlier that you can only select from a list of built-in modules to create your page. However, as customers build pages with the Page Builder, we have seen requests for the ability to create custom modules. Currently, Yext employees can create custom modules in special circumstances. The ability for users to create their own modules has been added to the roadmap and will be available in the future.

Use Cases

There are a variety of use cases for custom modules. One common example is for website headers and footers. Headers and footers usually have a lot of brand-specific styling, and need to be used across page templates. There is an option for Yext employees to create a custom module for both the header and footer that can be reused across page templates.

That way customers can use the platform to set up content for the rest of the page using standard modules, and use a custom header or footer module to mimic their existing website settings.

Requesting Custom Modules

To request a custom module, reach out to your Yext Administrator, or Client Success Manager.

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