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Turtlehead Tacos is one of the fastest growing quick-serve restaurants in the US. They were started in Austin, TX in 2010 by Marty Morris (CEO) and James Smith (CMO) and they’ve been expanding rapidly ever since.

Turtlehead Tacos wants you to help them build amazing search experiences for their customers using Yext’s Pages, Search, and Listings products. They’re excited to start storing their content in Yext and have a centralized hub for all of their public-facing knowledge.

Turtlehead Tacos has a lot of different “entities” for their brand, most of which are pretty standard for brands in the Food industry:

  • Restaurants where customers can come to get delicious food
  • Events that they host at their restaurants or other local hotspots
  • FAQs to help answer common questions their staff get
  • Menu Items for things like their tacos and insta-famous desserts

Turtlehead Tacos has also been super active in their local communities. They invest a lot of their money in giving back and they want to highlight these stories on their website.

Internally, Turtlehead Tacos calls these initiatives “Community Stories” and each one has a defined goal and theme, involves one or more local charities, has a high-quality video produced at the end, and has at least one celebrity they get to participate in the objective.

They enlist their Yext Admin for help. How can they bring their brand to life with Yext’s Search Experience Cloud?

Your Challenge

  1. Navigate to Content > Configuration > Entity Types.

  2. Click the “Add Custom Entity Type” button to create the Community Story entity type.

    • Name the Entity Type “Community Story”
    • Make sure the API name is ce_communityStory
    • Add a plural name of “Community Stories”
    • Add a description of your choosing so other people know what the entity type is for
  3. Add the built-in Description and Videos fields to the “Core Information” section by clicking the “+”, selecting “Add Field” and searching for the fields. (We’ll add custom fields to this type later.)

  4. Check off visible on add for the Videos field but do not make it required. You can leave the Description field as neither.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

  6. From the Entity Types configuration screen, enable the relevant built-in Entity Types (Restaurants, Events, FAQs) and the new Community Story type.

  7. From the Entity Types configuration screen, make Restaurants the primary entity type.

  8. Add a Community Story entity by clicking on “Add Entity” on the dropdown for Community Story type or by navigating to Content, clicking Add Data > Add Single Entity, and selecting the Community Story Entity Type.

    Name: Save the Turtles
    Entity ID: CS-1 

    Hint: Click to expand Additional Settings to set Entity ID OR you can save and update it after you create the entity.

  9. After you create the entity, update the description to:

    Turtlehead Tacos helped save over 1,000 turtles in and around the Dallas Area in 2017 through a series of community efforts to rehabilitate local streams. With help from local heroes like Mark Cuban and Tony Romo, learn more about how Turtlehead Tacos gave back to its namesake.

Congrats, you’ve added a custom defined type AND added an entity to your graph! You’ll learn more about how to create custom fields and link entities together in upcoming modules.

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Report Card
Add the Community Story custom entity type
Add all the new fields to the Community Story entity type
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Make sure Restaurant is the primary entity type
Enable the Event, Restaurant and Community Story entity types
Create a new Community Story entity with ID CS-1 called Save the Turtles
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