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In this section, you will learn:

  • What is review publishing?
  • The value of review publishing
  • Review Publishing recommendations from Google and
  • How Yext helps streamline review publishing

Introduction to Review Publishing

Review Publishing is the process of adding the reviews you’ve generated to your website.

Generating reviews and getting that additional feedback can be extremely helpful, but you can get a lot of great value by adding those reviews to your website.

By showcasing reviews on your website you help to:

Build brand trust - Consumers use reviews to understand the customer experience and make purchasing decisions. One valuable place where they look for this information is your own website.

Increase click through rate - Generating reviews and placing them on your local pages can help increase on-page click through rates from your customers. This can help drive transactions, engagement, and more.

Review Publishing recommendations from Google and

Another great way you can get value from your published reviews is by marking them up with markup and structuring data for search engines.

Google and other search engines are constantly crawling web pages and looking for data in a structured format. Just like you’d want to mark your Address field so the search engines can find it, you can also put in fields like AggregateRating and ReviewCount.

The links below include best practices for how to mark up reviews. If you follow those best practices, Google and other search engines will find review data for your locations just like they would find your hours or phone number.

Google Local Business Schema Best Practices AggregateRating Markup Best Practices Google Review Snippet Guidelines

How Yext Helps You Streamline Review Publishing

In addition to providing generation tools to collect reviews, Yext also provides a few options to easily publish those reviews to your website.

Widget - A snippet of HTML placed on your website that adds a widget which shows reviews, star rating, and review count, all with built in schema best practices.

Custom integration - Using Yext’s APIs or working with the Yext Professional Services team you can build a custom integration to showcase your reviews any way you would like.

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