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  • What is a resource type?
  • What are the different resource types?

Resource Types

There are many different types of things that you can manage via Configuration as Code in Yext. We give the name resources to the core unit of configuration and the name resource types to the different types of resources. Let’s illustrate by using our Price example from Unit 1.

Once again, our Price custom field can be represented like this in Configuration as Code.

  "$id": "c_price",
  "$schema": "",
  "displayName": "Price",
  "typeId": "type.decimal",
  "type": {
    "decimalType": {}
  "localization": "PRIMARY_ONLY",
  "group": "NONE"

The Price custom field is a resource. Its resource type is Custom Field.

There are resource types that span across all different parts of a Yext account, from Content to Search. Below is a list of the resource types that are currently available for Configuration as Code, as well as links to their documentation to learn more.






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