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  • An overview of the new Analytics features from the Summer ‘23 Release

Yext Data Sharing

Yext Data Sharing is a feature that allows you to directly share raw data from Yext Analytics with your Snowflake warehouse. To get started, you will need to request access to Yext Data Sharing via the Snowflake Marketplace to authorize data sharing from Yext to Snowflake. Once you’ve requested access, reach out to your Client Solutions Manager to help set up your data share resource.

Once you’re set up with Data Sharing, you can write SQL queries against any of the raw Yext data to customize reports to your liking. For details on the database schema and secure views, visit our Data Dictionary.

How this Impacts You

If you are Snowflake customers, you can leverage this feature to share raw data from the Yext Snowflake warehouse to your own Snowflake account.

This will enable you to centralize business insights by combining your Yext data with other data you store in Snowflake. You can also create fully customized reports by writing your own SQL queries to calculate metrics that may not be available out-of-the-box in Report Builder or the Reports API.

Feature Availability

Yext Data Sharing is now available via the Snowflake Marketplace for Yext customers whose Snowflake accounts located in the us-east-1 cloud region and whose Yext accounts are in the US cloud partition.

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