Ability to Specify Keywords for a Vertical

Hi there,

We are using synonyms pretty heavily in our implementations today, but they don’t always work and sometimes there are collisions when words or phrases are used differently by verticals or contexts.

It would be cool if we had the ability to set keywords by vertical with different intents (in order of importance):

  • Strong Intent Keywords: If any of the strings entered here are used in a query, it should be a strong signal to return this vertical and weight it higher in search results. An example of this would be “open positions” for a Jobs vertical or “Office” for a Locations vertical.

  • Only Show If Keywords:: Only show the vertical if any of these specific strings are used in a query. This is typically needed for compliance reasons or in instances where the vertical is very specific (e.g., Tickets vertical for an annual event).

  • Blacklist Keywords: If any of the strings entered here are used in a query, do not show this vertical or heavily demote it. For example, if “branch” is searched we would not want to show Loan Officers vertical or if “job” is searched, we don’t want to show the physician vertical.

As Admins, this feature would provide us with additional controls to match customer needs and improve search quality from their perspective specific to their brand requirements. It would largely cover instances that the algorithm wouldn’t be expected to cover.

Thanks for your consideration,

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Thanks for the detailed feature request Liz! We have functionality on the backlog that will solve this issue that we plan on doing in the next month or so. Stay tuned for updates!

Hi Liz,

We have a few options that will help to support your request here!

In the Seach Configuration file you can utilize boostingIntents to boost a given vertical in Universal search results based on a specified query - see the training here.

For your second bullet, you could utilize requireIntent so that the vertical is only shown for the query keywords specified. You can learn more about requireIntent in this training.

Finally, you can stop a vertical from appearing for specified keywords by blacklisting them with blacklistedIntents. You can learn more about setting up blacklistedIntents in this training.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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Does requireIntent still function as described above (the training is 404ing)? I’ve had some use cases where I’ve had to apply keywords to every entity in a vertical to ensure relevancy for a query per a client’s request?

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