Keywords and universal search

I have made the Keywords field searchable for a vertical. When I do a search with one of the keywords added to an entity, the universal results show no match to any answers. However, the vertical shows the right answer (the entity that contains the keyword.) How can I make the universal search work with the searchable keywords of a vertical? Ideally, it should show the entity in the universal page results and the vertical page.

Edit to add that it seems to be an issue with an acronym, not words.

Hi Karine,

Are you seeing that a search for an acronym of a keyword is not pulling up the expected entity?

If so, I would recommend setting up a synonym set (see this unit with more detail) with the acronym and the acompanying keyword.

Let me know if this helps!

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The keyword is in itself an acronym and searching it does not pull the expected entity in the universal search results only. It pulls it fine in the vertical.
I didn’t think of creating a synonym, but that sounds like a good option. I will try.
We ended up creating a query rule to boost the entity based on the search term contained in the search and it is achieving the desired result.
Thanks for your suggestion!

@Karine_Gnall that sounds like a great solution as well!

Feel free to post back here if any more questions arise on that topic!

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