Add Q&A feature pack to non Organization entity?

Can we add a (first-party) Q&A feature pack to entities (like FAQs) other than organization type? If so, how do I do it?

Currently, I’m following the below (trying) to add the Q&A Feature pack.

  • select my entity
  • Add service from the dropdown
  • Select Feature Packs radio and hit continue
  • Click Add Feature Packs radio and hit continue.
    I see only pages feature pack on this screen, but no Q&A.

And also when posting a question using API to my sandbox, I don’t get any error message (for the entities without a Q&A Feature pack added). And the question doesn’t show in the Q&A tab.

Rakesh Keerthi

Hi @Rakesh_Keerthi ,

A Q&A module can only be implemented for the organization entity type. If you have a use case for a different entity please post in the ideas board for our product managers to take a look!


Thanks, @Melissa_Kaplan, I’ll post it to the idea board, when I get a bunch of such requests.