First party Q&A

Just completed the Q&A unit and discovered you can add First Party Q&A to your website. This is fantastic. I have a couple of questions

How do you add the first party Q&A to your website?

For partner integrations are their web hooks to create notifications for both Google and First Q&A?

Hi @Laura_Gibbons,

Welcome to the community and congratulations on your first post!

In regards to your questions about First Party Q&A:

  • The first party Q&A component referenced in the Hitchhikers module is a feature of our Answers search product, so it can be implemented on any website that is leveraging Yext Answers:

  • All first-party Q&A (either through Google or the Answers module pictured above) would flow into the Yext dashboard, at which point the FAQs can easily be converted to an FAQ entity in the Knowledge Graph. Those FAQs can be published back to a website with our Answers or Pages product or through a Knowledge Graph API integration.

Lastly, webhooks apply to both!

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions about this.


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Thanks for replying @Sam_Torres

Sounds like a great feature.

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