Add Single Entity Flow

Adding entities is a core action taken in th platform that people are doing all the time! But, there were a lot of fields to fill out and you may have been a little confused about things like Country or Folder as the first form fields. We’ve given this feature a face-lift!

From the new Add Data screen, choosing the Add Single Entity option will pop up a modal for users to fill in the relevant entity data. This update contributes to the improved UI that allows users to more easily manage new data sources in one place.

The modal will contain all of the same options as the existing Add Entity screen. However, we have moved the following fields and settings into the Additional Settings section at the bottom of the modal:

  • Country
  • Template
  • Folder
  • Language
  • Entity ID

Also, the modal will include a Save and Add Another button for all you power users so you can continuously add entities without having to navigate back to the Entity Search page in between.

Is it possible to edit the fields that are part of the new entity process? We have a few custom fields which we would like to include in this form.

Hi @Mike_Seeley,

Currently, the modal only shows required fields for an entity type. However, there is a similar request in our Ideas board to allow customization of the Add Entity modal that is under consideration.

I would recommend upvoting this post and adding a comment with the additional details you think would be helpful (e.g., being able to see certain custom fields) so our Product team can review it!