Customizable Entity Previews

At General Availability on April 14, 2021 users will have the option to turn on the Spring '21: New Knowledge Graph Search & Entity Previews (early access) account feature. To turn the feature on in your account, navigate to Account Settings > Account Features, and you will find the feature under ‘Early Access Features’.

This update also comes with the ability to customize your entity previews, so you can surface the most important information to their users within the Yext platform as it pertains to each entity type.

To customize entity previews:

  1. Hover over Knowledge Graph in the top navigation bar and click on the Configuration sub-tab.
  2. On the Entity Types page click View Details next to the entity type you would like to customize the preview for.
  3. Click Preview at the top of the page.
  4. Select from a list of supported fields that display in the left sidebar. The fields you select will display when the entity type is shown in the entity search page.

As you select the fields, you will see the preview update to reflect that additional field.

Display Settings
Each field will have default display settings based on the type of field. However, you can hover over a field in the preview and click on the gear icon to adjust the settings for that field.

These settings will allow you to do things like: show or hide the display name, enter an alias for the field name, adjust the line height of the field, or settings for an image preview.

You can also drag and drop fields to adjust the order in which they display in the row by clicking on the six dot drag handle icon.

Once you have made the desired adjustments to your Entity Preview, click Save. Then, you can create the desired preview for each entity type you have enabled in your account.

Note: During the extended early access period, entity previews will not respect user permissions on fields. Users will be able to view all fields within rendered Entity Previews, regardless if they have View permission on the respective fields or not.

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