Analytics: Conversion Tracking Terms (Fall ’20 Release)

You can now set a Conversion Term when creating a Conversion Action in the platform. The Conversion Term option lets you set a Start Date and End Date for Conversion Actions; that is, when you’d like your conversions to start and stop being counted. You can use Start Date to retroactively apply Conversion Actions to historical Click records in order to collect conversion data from a date prior to the Conversion Action’s creation, and you can use End Date to stop counting conversions after a certain point without completely removing all data. This is especially important for preventing loss of data if you are transitioning from click-based to tag-based Conversion Actions.

Conversion Actions now support three new Conversion Terms:

  • Is on or after: Include conversions that occur on or after a specified date
  • Between: Include conversions that occur between two specified dates
  • Before: Include conversions that occur before a specified date

To learn more about adding Conversion Actions, check out the Conversion Tracking Setup Process unit.