Answers Home Screen Modules (Fall '20 Release)

Home Screens were introduced in the Fall ‘19 Release as a way for users to create a custom dashboard to display account-critical information. In addition to existing modules for analytics, quick links, and more, we have added three new Answers modules to customize your Home Screen with:

  • Top Clicked Entities: Leaderboard that displays the most-clicked entities across your Answers Experiences
  • Top Search Terms: Leaderboard that displays the most popular search terms (based on Sessions) across your Answers Experiences
  • Answers Over Time: Line chart that displays the number of Sessions, Searches, Clicks and Total Conversion Value by Day across your Answers Experiences

These three modules display data only from external users (i.e., excludes actions made by you or other users of your account) on your Production Answers experience.

To learn more about use Home Screens, check out the Home Screen module.