GA Release: Built-In Home Screen and New Home Screen Modules

With the updates to the Yext platform UX, we are rolling out a new built-in home screen, as well as new home screen modules, to create a simple, digestible experience for any account configuration.

The goal of the built-in home screen is to serve as a useful and clear first impression of Yext, with insights into account performance, suggested next steps, and easy access to support and self-paced training.

New home screen modules include:

  • Hero numbers: at-a-glance metrics on your total number of entities, searches, and reviews across your Yext account
  • Suggested actions: tasks and next steps recommended based on the Yext products available in your account
  • Need help?: a quick link to get support on the Help Center
  • Hitchhikers: suggested self-paced learning resources and community events

The built-in home screen is read-only and can’t be edited directly, but users with Full Control or Account Manager permissions can create custom home screens to share with their account (and hide the built-in home screen if they choose). Under Configuration in the left sidebar, click Add Home Screen.

From there, rearrange and customize the content of your home screen modules. Click the trash can icon to remove a module, and the pencil icon to edit the content. To add a new module, use the Add Module section at the bottom of the page or in the top-right.

Turn on the Spring ’22: New Home Screen (Early Access) account feature to use the built-in home screen and new home screen modules during the Early Access period.

Built-in home screens and new home screen modules will be available to all users at General Availability for the Spring ‘22 release.

To learn more, visit the Home Screens training module.

Hello - I recently noticed that the “Fix your listings” section on the home page of the dashboard has changed. With what it looks like now, I am no longer able to get a quick view of how many listings are not synced per account. This feature was extremely helpful in the past as I have experienced situations in which when I check this area, it would show the first account in the list that has the highest number of listings not synced. Occasionally, I would check this location and come to see that an account had 40, 50, 60, etc listings not synced - an error that I would have to write into Yext support for. Now, I am not sure I would be able to know about situations like this when they occur. How can I get this previous feature back? Thanks!

Hi Shauna,

Thanks for reaching out. All of the modules that were part of the previous home screen are still available. You or your account manager can create custom home screens by navigating to Home > Configuration > +Add Home Screen. From there, you have the option to create a home screen from scratch or use the built-in home screen as a starting configuration; either way, you’ll be able to add modules of your choice. It sounds like the module you’re referring to is one titled ‘Fix Your Data’ so you can search for that when selecting modules to add.

Let me know if you run into challenges here!

Hi Emily - unfortunately, this doesn’t directly address the issue I first wrote in about. Would you kindly take another read, I tried to be as descriptive as possible to explain the issue I am having. I do have the Fix your listing section on my home screen, however it does not offer the same information the old view offered, which was quite necessary to have access to. It helped me to find glitches within the Yext software where an account may have an issue where the Knowledge graph info is not being pushed out to the publishers it should be. When I saw this in the Fix your listing section, I would then submit a ticket to get fixed. I appreciate you looking into this further for me - thanks!

Hi there, please could you confirm the logo dimensions for the white-labelled version of the new navigation.

Many thanks

Hi Shauna,

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood. Are you able to share a screenshot of what you’re currently seeing? That will help me better understand and ensure we’re talking about the same thing.


Hi Laura! The white box to contain the whitelabled logo is 40x70px in the expanded nav and 32x32px in the collapsed nav. The logo/icon is resized to fit in the box

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Fantastic thanks Hannah.

Hi Emily - I’d be happy to, but it’s not letting me add the attachment. What is your direct email, and I will get it over to you - thanks!