App Categories Update in Developer Console & App Directory (Winter '21 Release)

Throughout the Yext platform and Yext website, we classify each app as part of a broader category to contextualize its functionality. With this release we are streamlining the app categories to help improve discoverability when users are trying to browse and install apps.

To do this, we are separating categorization into an ‘Industry’ category, and a “Use Case’ sub-category.

Industry will represent a high-level grouping or vertical (e.g., Healthcare, Government, High Tech). Use case will represent a more specific usage (e.g.,. Social, Content Capture) to which the app may apply.

When creating an app in the Developer Console, users will now see the “Industry” and “Use Case” options in the ‘Category’ field where they will select the appropriate category for each option.

Then, when users visit the App Directory they will see new filter options at the top of the page. One for ‘Industry’ and one for ‘Use Case’ so they can easily filter by one or both of these categories.

Turn on the Winter ‘21: App Categories (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period.

For more details on creating an App, visit the Create an App guide. For more details on the App Directory, visit the App Directory training module.