Best Practice When My Office Moves Location

What’s the best practice when my office has moved? Do I just change the address in my existing knowledge graph? Should I create a new GMB for my new location and how should I best organize my listings?


Hi Annie,

Great question and the answer depends slightly based on the scope of the move.

For a small move (where you are still operating in generally the same area), the easier and recommended process is to edit the existing entity with a new address and any other relevant updated information. One thing to note here is this may trigger the need for re-vertification on Google, as there will be a change to your information.

For more significant moves (where you are moving to a new state or area where you’ll likely have a whole new customer base), it would probably be better to mark the existing entity as closed and create a new entity with all the details for the new location.

Let us know if that helps, or if we can provide any additional info!