Listings need help

Hi I have two locations and we recently merged our teams to one location due to covid. How do I merge the existing listings so we dont lose traffic

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for asking this question, and welcome to the community!

The procedure for merging listings varies by case and publisher. If the closed business did not actually move (i.e. change its address) to the open location, reviews and other data may be tied to the permanently closed location and cannot be transferred over. If there are duplicate listings at the same address, it may be possible to merge them.

If one business location had to close permanently, there are several ways to promote the open location in order to maintain traffic. Yext supports social posts, featured messages, and Covid-19 specific posts on various publishers, which can be used to communicate business changes to your customers and keep them engaged.

If you are looking for additional support for your Yext-powered listings, feel free to submit a request through this form, and our team will get back to you!