CaC Resource Updates Related to Entity Folders

On Monday, January 31, Yext will be updating the $id field for all existing Entity Folder Configuration Resources.

Any existing values for the $id field in Entity Folder resources will be overridden. This update will only impact the $id and parent properties in Entity Folder resources; all other Entity Folder properties (including display names) will be unaffected. Note that all other Configuration resources that reference Entity Folder resources by ID will be updated to reflect the relevant updated Entity Folder IDs.

Going forward, folder IDs delivered in all Yext API endpoints will match the $id field within the corresponding folder’s configuration resource. Yext will be updating the $id fields for all existing Entity Folder Configuration Resources to match the folder IDs currently returned by the API in order to avoid any disruptions to existing API integrations. The Folders: List endpoint will continue to return folder names and their corresponding IDs and parent folder IDs in the response.

Please note that previously, folder ID strings only contained numeric digits. Going forward, newly created folders will have string IDs automatically generated based on the display name you provide for your folder and could contain any valid string character.

What You Need To Do

This update will not impact any existing API integrations or any existing account configurations. However, if you have an account’s configuration template saved outside of the Yext platform, you may need to update it so that it remains in sync with any existing related accounts.

If you have an account configuration saved locally or in an external repository, we recommend that you re-pull your account’s configuration resources to reflect the updates after they are applied on Monday, January 31. More information on how to pull the resources from your account can be found here.

If your integration had expected that the folder ID strings could only contain numbers, you will need to update your integration to expect any valid string character.


If you have any questions about this change, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the HH Community.