Important KM CaC Resource Updates

On Tuesday, February 8, Yext will be making a variety of significant updates to the Knowledge Manager configuration resources.

What’s Changing?

We will be introducing a new configuration resource called Field Eligibility Groups. This new resource will allow Apps with Configuration to apply fields to an account’s existing entity types, using different namespaces. Field Eligibility Groups will be used to associate a set of fields with an entity type, therefore making those fields a part of that entity type’s schema.

With the introduction of Field Eligibility Groups, the following updates to the listed existing Knowledge Manager configuration resources will be applied across all Yext accounts:

  • Entity Type
    • Since fields will now be added to custom entity types using Field Eligibility Groups, the field property of the entity type configuration resource will be removed. To maintain existing custom entity type schemas without interruption, fields currently contained in that property will be migrated into a Field Eligibility Group for the respective entity type.
    • The enabled property on entity type configuration resources will also be removed, and will be managed within the Knowledge Graph Settings resource.
  • Entity Type Extension
    • Since fields will now also be added to built-in entity types using Field Eligibility Groups, the Entity Type Extension configuration resource will be deprecated. To maintain existing built-in entity type schemas without interruption, fields currently contained in Entity Type Extension resources will be migrated to a Field Eligibility Group for the respective entity type.
    • Built-in entity types will be enabled/disabled through the Knowledge Graph Settings resource going forward.
  • Knowledge Graph Settings
    • The Knowledge Graph Settings resource will now include the entityTypeSettings object which will contain information about which entity types are enabled/disabled and what the default Field Eligibility Group is for each entity type. The default Field Eligibility Group is used to determine where to put fields that are added to an entity outside of Configuration as Code (i.e. in the UI or via the Custom Fields API endpoint).

What You Need To Do

This update will not impact any existing API integrations or any existing account configurations. However, if you have an account’s configuration template saved outside of the Yext platform, you may need to update it so that it remains in sync with any existing related accounts.

If you have an account configuration saved locally or in an external repository, we recommend that you re-pull your account’s configuration resources to reflect the updates after they are applied on Tuesday, February 8. More information on how to pull the resources from your account can be found here.


If you have any questions about this change, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the HH Community.