Can Yext Interfere with Instagram sharing posts with Facebook?

From my newest client:
“any idea why even though I have sharing on - since April 11th - Instagram hasn’t been auto sharing my posts with Facebook? I have that toggle on in Instagram and the accounts are connected but ever since the [powerlisting] stuff got into Facebook - it isn’t communicating with Instagram.”

Apparently she poasts on Instagram and has set up for Instagram to automatically share those posts on Facebook. Apparently that stopped at the same time as her PowerListings synced up with Facebook. Coincidence? Or could something in her Knowledge Graph be interfering with that?

Hi Bill! From the info here, it seems unlikely that Yext would have an impact on this, but it is possible that Listings sync affected some relationship settings between their Facebook and IG pages.

I’d recommend your client submit a support ticket for this one to investigate further!